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Hole Foods Nazis

16 Jan
Regarding remarks by Whole Foods CEO John Mackay, I’ll be passing on shopping at yet another store run by an outspoken idiot.
I frequently shop in health food stores, having been vegetarian periodically since 1978, generally preferring organic foods, and having family members with gluten allergies. I am an occasional Whole Foods shopper, especially during trips to visit my family in a city with oddly few stores of that ilk, and I was there often over the recent holidays.

I will not be shopping there any more. I already thought their prices were a bit higher than the value their products provide, but if the CEO is this much of an idiot, we will just drive a little further to support small, locally owned stores.
This would seem to be getting a bit inconvenient– I already eliminated Papa John’s, Walmart, and Home Depot from my shopping lists– but really I can’t say that I miss them at all. I completely support people’s rights to their political views, but when people who are being consulted largely because of their position in leadership of a specific business start expressing these sorts of views via news media, I begin to exercise my right to political expression, too. Really, would anyone care what Mackey thinks if he were not CEO of a national chain?
I find it particularly abhorrent how the terms Socialism and Nazism are bandied about. Having lived and traveled abroad, I know that “Socialism” is not considered such a bad thing anywhere but the US. I appreciate that governments are in a position to do larger projects to benefit their people. President Obama, for whom I voted but with whom I do not always agree, seems to be an ardent supporter of Capitalism who sees value in some social programs. I do not see evidence of Nazi tendencies at all, and the people who use that term are blatantly going for shock value. Use of the term really demeans the suffering of millions of Soviets, Jews, Roma, gays, and others, as well as the sacrifices of the millions who fought against the 3rd Reich.
So will John Mackey’s arrogant and ill informed statements make a large change in my consumer behavior? Not really. It will, however, make a small change, and I will be re-posting a bit of anti-WF material. As a journalist, I will not be seeking to write about this, but it is on my radar now. Oddly, the best other option on Maui is a Hawaii chain owned by a homophobe, but at least he is our own local homophobe, and he’s stayed out of the news for several years.